If handcrafted quality is important to you, then your search has led you to the right builder. Browse our portfolio and you will see that we truly go the extra mile to give each homeowner exactly what they want. We can completely customize your home to your exact specifications; in fact, our homes are so customized to each customer’s requests, that the only “standard feature” in our homes is THE QUALITY.

Although we have over 30 years’ experience, Quartz Creek Company is a relatively small contractor. We accommodate just a few clients each year and are able to devote the time and attention to the details which are so critical in building a custom home.

When you are ready to take the next step, bring your ideas and dreams to us where we will personally supervise every aspect of the design and crafting of the timber frame or log structure of your next extraordinary, one of a kind, home.



Phil and Todd with Quartz Creek Co. are hands on builders who provided us the skill and knowledge we needed to build are log home on Gold Creek. As a home builder in Arizona we understand the construction process and needed a qualified and trustworthy local log builder.

Phil and Todd are good team players and are easy to work with and communicate well. They are great craftsmen and work with qualified subcontractors who are local and experienced. Quartz Creek is a full service company and they have provided ongoing construction and maintenance services for us which has been a great help to our family as part time residents.

Karen and I would not hesitate to recommend Quartz Creek Co. to anyone and will continue to use their services.

Kevin Dunlap

Please contact Phil or Todd to make an appointment to discuss the project you have in mind.
Phil Duetsch 970.641.2593 Todd McCrery 970.641.5735