About Us

  • Phil Duetsch & Todd McCrery, who own Quartz Creek Company, both grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and have known each other since high school.

  • Todd has long-time ties to the Quartz Creek Valley in that he is the grandson of Esther McCrery, who for decades spent her summers at her Cabin, Eagles' Nest, in Chicago Park, part of the Quartz Creek Properties. Todd and his wife Teri have five children and live in the Quartz Creek Valley in Ohio City.

  • Phil and his wife Nancy moved to the Quartz Creek Valley in 2000 so that he could join Todd in creating the Quartz Creek Company. Phil and Nancy have four children and live in Pitkin.

Please contact Phil or Todd to make an appointment to discuss the project you have in mind.
Phil Duetsch 970.641.2593 Todd McCrery 970.641.5735