Planning and Design

We understand that building your home is a substantial investment. During this process we hope to delight and surprise you with creative and skilled craftsmanship. Over 30 years experience and many satisfied customers, have provided us with the background to establish realistic costs and timeframes so you can proceed with confidence and reassurance.
  • One of the services we offer and encourage is a site evaluation of the property you are considering or have purchased. This is a "boots-on" familiarization study to determine, not only the ideal building site, but to make you aware of local building code mandates and planned community restrictions.

    • Cover aspects such as drainage, views, best ingress and egress, soil conditions, and ways to take advantage of the terrain and natural formations on the property.

    • Provide us the opportunity to become well acquainted through this time together.

    • To arrange for your Site Evaluation, call us or send us an email.

  • Planning and design enables us to help you control costs without compromising quality or incurring unnecessary delays. Our experience building custom homes enables us to work with your architect to make value plan designs, modifications, and alterations to your home at the most cost effective stages of construction without expensive change orders.

  • Because Quartz Creek Company is a relatively small firm, we can accommodate just a few clients each year and are able to focus all our time and attention to these selected clients.

  • We are equally particular about your subcontractors, most of which we have worked with and relied upon for years. The same holds true for our vendors and suppliers. We work only with professionals who share our commitment to excellence. Single-source responsibility: it instills confidence and peace of mind for you while building your custom home.

Please contact Phil or Todd to make an appointment to discuss the project you have in mind.
Phil Duetsch 970.641.2593 Todd McCrery 970.641.5735