Quartz Creek Company is experienced in all types of home-building jobs. We work in the custom and semi-custom home market and have extensive knowledge of remodeling-everything from excavation through the finished product.

New Construction

Quartz Creek Company can design a complete custom home to your specifications, or we can erect the shell and make it weather-tight. You can then finish the home yourself and save a considerable amount of money.

Log Construction: Ask Todd or Phil to show you some of their Pitkin-area building projects. See for yourself the beauty and strength of a log home. Experience the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere a log home provides.

Log Home Qualities:

  • Aesthetically satisfying--a work of art.

  • Natural tones are restful to the eyes.

  • Acoustic quality makes music sound richer.

  • Fortress-thick walls offer snug security and energy efficiency.

  • Long life that rivals concrete construction.

  • With today's increasing energy costs, the superior insulating quality will become more valuable. Tests conducted at Arizona State University have shown that a concrete wall would have to be five feet thick to equal the insulating quality of just four inches of wood.


Whether you want your cabin remodeled, chinked and stained, or help with designing and building your new cabin, give Quartz Creek Company a call and we will be happy to work with you and provide an estimate of costs.

Please contact Phil or Todd to make an appointment to discuss the project you have in mind.
Phil Duetsch 970.641.2593 Todd McCrery 970.641.5735