February 20, 2007

Phil and Todd with Quartz Creek Co. are hands on builders who provided us the skill and knowledge we needed to build are log home on Gold Creek. As a home builder in Arizona we understand the construction process and needed a qualified and trustworthy local log builder.

Phil and Todd are good team players and are easy to work with and communicate well. They are great craftsmen and work with qualified subcontractors who are local and experienced. Quartz Creek is a full service company and they have provided ongoing construction and maintenance services for us which has been a great help to our family as part time residents.

Karen and I would not hesitate to recommend Quartz Creek Co. to anyone and will continue to use their services.

Kevin Dunlap


February 18, 2007

Hello Phil and Todd,

Planning ahead to future building projects we want you to do for us, we thought it would be time to look back and first of all thank you and let you know how much we appreciate all the work that you had done for us so far.

The "teamwork" over the distance between Germany and Pitkin was just perfect, you working there and trying to understand our ideas (which you perfectly did!) and us having these ideas and putting them down on simple squared paper, measured in the metric system.

We still remember our first talks, when you assured us, almost everything can be done and you will make it work. We happily went back home to Germany to work on a floor plan, overthought it after we found out it was a little too big and therefore too expensive for our budget, then finally came up with a floor plan that worked just fine.

It’s been such a great and exciting time for us when you started to build our cabin and frequently e-mailed pictures so that we always knew how far you were with the project. The timing was so perfect, that during our vacation in Pitkin in spring 2003 we could pick the carpet, interior color, lamps etc. and in fall 2003 we spent our first vacation in the cabin.

We are still amazed how smoothly and problemfree the whole project was done as well as our project no. 2, the addition to our living room and a little deck in 2006 and some smaller jobs in between. It was and is always a pleasure to work with you or having you to bring our "Sunday-morning-after-breakfast-ideas" to reality.

We are so glad and thankful to have you found as our general contractors, builders, maintenance men and friends as well.

Looking forward to our next vacation in Pitkin and to more projects in future, we send you our best wishes from Kriftel, Germany!

Hedwig and Rainer Planz
and family


Quartz Creek Company
Phil Duetsch, Todd McCrery
PO Box 34
Pitkin, Colorado 81241

September 30, 2003

Phil and Todd

Ethel and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both again for making our cabin a reality. When we decided to begin construction, we knew the selection of our builders was most important. Since we are over 1000 miles from our site, we had to find a company that could manage our project from obtaining the building permit to final inspection and occupancy. Our trust in your abilities to represent our interests and handle our project was the most critical element of success. Your professionalism and performance on our behalf has been outstanding. Our cabin is far beyond our hopes and dreams. Thank you again.

Rick Coffman


April 18, 2006

Quartz Creek Company
P.O. Box 34
Pitkin, CO 81241

Dear Phil & Todd,

The two of you have now completed a total of five major projects for us, all varied in scope. We want to thank you for listening to us, and then for coming up with creative ways to remodel our home so that we are able to have the space and conveniences that we wanted.

We love our home here! And we have so enjoyed the process with the two of you over the past 5 years, transforming our home into what it is now. You are both such good guys, so helpful, fun and easy to have around! Helmut and I will always think of you as good friends more than our contractors.

Thank you for being you...you are doing a great job! We wish you both all the best in the future.


Suzy Metzler

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